viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Converting text to an image. InfoJobs Visual CV, an innovation sample of the Visual Resumé

Recently, at InfoJobs we have rolled out the Visual CV(or Visual Resumé), a new concept of the traditional curriculum vitae (the European version of the American resumé).

The etimology of the word suggests that the word currilum vitae in latin means the course of my life. Behind this definition there's the idea of having a timeline of your life, a record of every milestone of your work life or taking a modern approach, a movie of your life.

There're other approaches to a Visual CV's done by creative people that's show their hability to sum up and represent information in a short space. But some of them are specially thought to represent a particular information and demonstrate the creativity of the creator.

But until now, I haven't seen any Visual CV that has been industrialized in any Job Portal or any Professional Network.

The InfoJobs Visual CV has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Objective information: the interpretation of the information don't depends of the recruiter.
  • Easy and fast to read: increase productivity.
  • Easy to detect errors: for candidates and recruiters.
  • Visual information is multilingual
  • And more...

I'm sure that after this first release some sites will copy + paste this idea, because is easy and more or less each job portal has the same information of the candidates. This competition will boost the innovation in creating new formats for Visual CV, and perhaps at the end a new standard will be adopted.
To arrive at version of the Visual CV or Visual Resume this point we did an interesting innovation exercise of collecting feedback of the customers and providing diferents versions of the CV to check if we were in the right path.

Here you can see some of the discarted proposals of the Visual Resume, some of them with interesting features.

Versión 1 of the Visual Resumé

Versión 2 of the Visual Resumé

This second versión of the Visual CV has some interesting features that crosses and hightlights the job offer with the characteristics of the candidate to make easier to the recruiter identify the strenghts and de weakeness of the user with out doubt.

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